Sunday, March 17, 2013

Senior Spotlight: Jen Stephenson

Jen Stephenson (LaGrange, KY) worked with linwood, ebony pencil, wood, mulch, paper and platform fabrication -- a bit of departure from her intense and overt use of cicada or snake shells. Her aim was just the same, to remind us of the importance of the nature's many lessons. But with an attempt at listening "her" in deft and more patient ways. Two six-foot sections of log standing upright are the main subjects of the installation, and viewers are invited to step up onto the tree's supporting bases to experience the work in a more personal way. 
*The image below is a detailed view of other smaller podium pieces also included in the installation.  

As a child, I spent my days outdoors; exploring, climbing, and playing in the woods that were my backyard. As the years progressed I left that woods behind, but my fascination with nature stayed with me and grew stronger, nurtured by constant study and experience. This passion began to be reflected in my art early on, and has been a favorite theme of mine that has guided my art making and process. I prefer working with natural materials and imagery, as I feel that it imparts a sense of the spirit of the world into my projects. -- Jen Stephenson

Jen Stephenson,  Lend Me Your Ear, and I Will Lend You My Spirit (detail of the installation) 

Jen is one of the five BA candidates in why is this happening? (2013 Senior Thesis, ART455). Please revisit the last week's expos on Daniel, Lauren and Elizabeth, and look for Kayleigh in the coming days. 

why is this happening?
Senior Art Exhibition 2013 

March 22 - April 5, 2013
reception, lecture and screening: Friday, March 22, 5 – 7 PM

For more information please follow Anne Wright Wilson Fine Arts Gallery, Georgetown College, Georgetown, KY or

Jeanette Tesmer, Director of Art Galleries and Curator of Collections
Phone: 502-863-8399
Boris Zakic, Professor of Art
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