Sunday, March 24, 2013

Prospective Student Event + Cool kids = Great Saturday

On Saturday, Daniel, Pegs and I manned the Art Department booth to recruit prospective students! It was so much fun. I hadn't seen Pegs in...probably over a year so that was amazing. It was ok to see Daniel as well I guess. Just kidding. That was pretty great too.

In addition to passing out informational packets (that Daniel handmade by the way) we -and by we I mean Peggy and Daniel- printed these sweet Georgetown pics for everyone to take home as a souvenir. 

Here Pegs and I engaged with students and talked about how the Art Department is the coolest place on campus. 

Yay! We are the coolest kids on campus (also I got to rock the apron with the princess button so I was obviously the coolest of the coolest kids).


Earl Grey said...

Awesome post and photos!!! Go ART:)

Boris Zakic said...

agree, thanks alums (once again) for your boost of support!