Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Historical Markers coming...

Big shout out to Maddy Fritz '13 , 
our Art Major/Comm Minior who designed the historical markers being installed on campus. The first one went in today and all but four will be installed by late Thursday. The remaining ones will be installed as soon as the weather breaks (posts need to be dug and even though the calendar says Spring, it's still a bit chilly!)

As of today, there's a mix of old signs (black and grey) and the new signage (tan/brown). By the weekend, you'll only have new signs to view. Give these a look and tell us what you think.

Can't get enough? Too cold to go outside?  Check out the Tiger Trax website that lists all of the markers.

Thanks to the entire project team, as there were lots of folks involved in this project from across campus. Special thanks to the Grounds crew (Doug and Randall especially) who are making the installation possible. They're tending to the fine details that are necessary to see this project through.

Dr. Wargelin and Earl Grey with the newly-installed marker
near the Graves Center

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K-lev said...

Love these! They look so good! Another display of why art kids are the coolest kids.