Thursday, February 21, 2013

Shout out: Devon, the KHS, and Internships!!

Devon Stivers, a class of 2012 double major in history and art, has been serving a valuable role as a Collections Intern at the Kentucky Historical Society in Frankfort over the past year. There, she has been cataloging printed material including art prints, newspaper sheets, pamphlets, and maps. These comprise the Martin F. Schmidt Collection at the KHS and consist of 629 pieces. Read Devon's post on the KHS blog about her internship experience here.

Internships are a fantastic way to gain practical experience while often contributing richly to the life of an organization. Consider that several, if not, most of our students in graphic design complete an internship experience as part of their art major at GC. Art history and cutorial-minded students complete internships in our galleries or in organizations nearby, such as Loudoun House.

Beyond the college career, though, internships are a useful way of building a richer portfolio of work or broadening your skill set. They are a means of finding out whether or not you are suited to post-graduate plans. In other words, you gain experience, contribute to an institution, and discern vocational fit. Devon's internship is a great example of this post-grad connection.

If you have any questions about interning as a student or as a post-bacc, please don't hesitate to ask me. Below, you'll find clips from reports made by recent interns in our galleries. We have at least four students interning this semester. Internships are possible at a variety of institutions, including the KHS. Here's a link to their opportunities, for instance.

Katie's internship accomplishments
Katie's internship experiences in visual form

One of Maddy's designs
A report from Lynsey on her recent work in the
Dr. Donald L. and Dorothy Jacobs Gallery

Consider doing an internship now or in your near future -- you will gain experience and further your education at the same time.

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