Tuesday, February 12, 2013


How well do you know your fonts? Take this quiz to find out! (via)

I got 6 out of 12. Clearly, I do not know my fonts well. I did know what papyrus was because I'm pretty sure Darrell told me it was his favorite once. (Kidding.)

Person with the highest score gets 10 street cred points.


Prof. Darrell Kincer said...

11 of 12. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or if I should get out of the house a little more.

Earl Grey said...

Whoa -- 11 our of 12 is crazy insane awesome. I fared far less well than you did. Basically, I did not pass, but it was close. Are you going to curve this test, dear K-Lev?

K-lev said...

For street cred? I guess so. But only if you have a screening of this crazy awesome documentary I just found that I'm about to post about. You've probably already heard all about it but I am DYING to see it. It's perfect for Kappa Pi.