Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This Year's Venice Biennale

Entang Wiharso’s “Borderless: Floating Island,” 2011, an installation presented in his solo show “untold stories” in Berlin in summer 2012. 

This year at this summer's Venice Biennale, Indonesia has been welcomed back after a several year leave; and what an IMPACT they will have.  'Sakti' is the theme of the Indonesian tent --

 "In Sanskrit, sakti refers to the primordial cosmic energy and the personification of divine, feminine creative energy, as well as indicating change and liberation. Of Hindu origin, in Indonesia the concept of sakti was quickly integrated into local cosmology, becoming associated with such mythical figures as the rice goddess Dewi Sri and the South Sea Queen, and with certain objects like the keris (dagger). Given Indonesia’s 700 living languages, the idea of sakti can be denoted by other words, but the meaning is almost always the same: a strong creative energy, divine and indestructible, that contains the capacity for achievement beyond mere human ability. As energy, it can be understood as a foundational creative principle." -Carla Bianpoen, ArtInfo 

This pull from ancient elements combined with modern ideas of creativity and energy should pair for an extremely interesting showing of Indonesian artists.  

The Biennale, itself, historically showcases the most forward thinking contemporary artists and instillation from countries around the world.  This year will prove to be nothing less.

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