Friday, February 1, 2013

Interns Needed at Lexington Art League in May

The Lexington Art League (LAL) is presenting SITE, an exhibition of work by 5 installation artists.  The show will open at the Loudoun House May 24, 2013.  The featured artists are: Alisa Dworsky (Burlington, VT), Liz Miller (Good Thunder, MN), Jason Paradis (Long Island, NY), Chee Wang Ng (New York, NY), and Blake Eames (Lexington, KY)

Each of the five artists will be in town installing their work during the week leading up to the opening.  Each of the artists needs two assistants that must commit to helping for 5 full days, 9am-5pm, May 20-24.  Lunch will be provided each day.  The tasks required of the volunteers will vary depending on the nature of the artist’s work but could include painting, constructing, working with power tools, lifting, unpacking, lighting, documenting (photo or video), etc.

We are looking for 10 dedicated and enthusiastic people to help us make the exhibition happen.  This is a great opportunity for students or any interested individuals to work with professional artists and work with each other on a meaningful project.  All of the artists and assistants will be working concurrently, so the house will be buzzing with energy and activity.

LAL offers internships and practicum opportunities throughout the year.  We would be happy to work with any student on incorporating this into a spring or summer internship at LAL if desired.

Please let me know if you have any questions.  We are anticipating a lot of interest in this, so please encourage students to contact me as soon as possible to sign up.

Becky Alley
LAL Exhibitions & Programs Director

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