Thursday, April 26, 2012

Field Trip: Critical Museum Visitors

This past weekend, students in Dr. Decker's history of art and museum studies courses were able to take in two exhibitions: Renoir to Chagall: Paris and the Allure of Color & A Day in Pompeii. Students took in one or both exhibitions and prepared response papers to these exhibitions, while also earning FLEX credit:) We were joined on Saturday by Drs. Brill and Emerick and on Sunday by several other faculty, including Prof. G. Decker and B. Zakic, and Pawling Hall folks, Drs. Emerick and Henkel. 

On Monday in the upper division courses, we discussed the extent to which we were critical museum visitors. How was your visit? 
In Louisville, Dr. Emerick, Dr. Decker, and Dr. Brill in front of Deborah Butterfield's cast bronze sculptures, Danuta and Burnt Pine. 
At Cincy's Pompeii exhibit, Dr. Henkel makes note of the vessels. 
 Dr. Emerick and Dr. Henkel discussing the subject matter of particular Roman frescos with Dr. Decker and Bess.
 Kurtis and Lynsey pose before studying nearby frescos.

The final exhibition room contains resin casts of the cavities that formerly held bones of animals and people. 

If you participated, I hope you enjoyed the visits to both exhibitions. Looking forward to another great field trip in the fall! 

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What a fantastic and wonderful opportunity.