Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ann Hamilton

Thursday was a fantastic day for the Performance and Installation class, and myself. I got to meet and talk with an art hero of mine. When I was a freshman in college I thought I was in my first art class and my mom sent me an article on Ann Hamilton's work in the venice biennale (seen at bottom) and I was blown away. Ever since her work has been a major influence in my life. I have had the great pleasure of seeing many of these pieces in person but nothing could have prepared me to meet her last thursday. I have to admit I was quite starstruck. But she really could not have been any nicer. We talked about my mentor Carmon Colangelo who I know has worked with her in St Louis last year, and we talked a bit about Georgetown and chit chat. If you are not familiar with her work stop reading right now and look her up. There is also an Art 21 video on her HERE
    Her talk was absolutely fabulous and inspiring. If you want to hear more about the talk please stop myself Professor Kincer or any student seen in the picture above.  She was nice enough to pose for our blog after her talk.


Earl Grey said...

Awesome photo!! So glad you were able to meet her and talk with her. What a great "art moment!"

Boris Zakic said...

could not agree more, wonderful occasion--