Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Courier-Journal Interview

I was contacted by Matt Frassica at the Louisville Courier-Journal, in relation to my show at the 930 Art Center, to contribute for a short article called "The First Time." The idea is to ask various artists about something significant that was a first time experience. It was hard to pick something specific, but in the end I chose to comment on how the approach to making photographs by the choice of camera will inherently nuance your vision. This is a concept that I've reconsidered a great deal lately, as well as an approach to photography that we tackle head-on in ART 120 Photography.

You can see the article at the Louisville C-J HERE.


Above: "Self-portrait" with an Ikoflex TLR that I inherited from my wife's grandfather. It's probably over 50 years old and currently my camera of choice.


Boris Zakic said...

congrats, darrell--

borgnineolive said...

The writer protecting the pastime for the Louisville Courier-Journal believed Warren made a dreadful contact when he decided Barnes's individual was in reasonable area.

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