Thursday, April 5, 2012

All signs point to I-64: calling all art students!!!

Thursday night (tonight), check out a lecture by one of the foremost American artists, Ann Hamilton, whose work is shown below. She is offering a lecture at the Speed Museum TONIGHT at 6 pm. Details here. Prof. Graham's performance and installation class is attending and a few other folks are driving over also. Try to make it. Also, if you have time, stop off at 21c Museum Hotel, 700 W. Main St. They're exhibiting 10 of Hamilton’s archival inkjet prints of “human carriage.”

NEXT WEEK: It's all public art all the time. Public Art and the City 2012 is the second of a continuing dialogue that seeks to engage the region's artists, students, curators, administrators, and other professionals in thinking about and discussing public art in theory and praxis. As with 2011, this year I'm working with the stellar Peter Morrin of the U of L's Arts and Culture Partnerships to plan the symposium. We hope you can join us.

Of special interest, for sculpture students and art majors generally, will be the morning session on Rodin (see images here and on the link)

and the afternoon chat with Malcolm Cochran, who is professor at Ohio State and curator of a city-wide project in Columbus, OH. (Cochran's Dutch Shoes shown below).

Interested? Let me know asap. Students are free and I can submit your registration materials for you, provided you give me the completed registration form. Click here.

See our posts from last year (the 2011 event that was blogged by Boris) so that you can get a sense of the setting. Click here.

Tonight and next Friday -- hop on I-64 and make the trip to Louisville. It's worth the trip! While there, take a few extra minutes and check out the Speed Museum (site of our upcoming art history field trip on 4/21. Will make a post on that later....)

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Earl Grey said...

Be on the lookout for Daniel's upcoming post with a fantastic photo from the event:) Oh, it's much better than the random shot of Boris and me with Linda Nochlin and Jongwoo. . .