Monday, April 16, 2012

Carousels and Echoes

Woking on the layout for the show Cincinnati.
detail of the work Place setting
        Students often times ask "what are you working on?" or "whats that for?".  Well all semester I have been working towards two solo exhibitions that overlap for the next month. One entitled Carousels and Shadow Puppets will be up starting THIS WEDNESDAY with an opening that night 4/18 from 5-7pm. The other exhibition entitled Echoes is in Cincinnati and opens THIS FRIDAY with an opening reception that night 4/20 from 6-10pm. The Echoes exhibition is part of a larger event called the Walk on Woodburn Festival. Multiple solo and group exhibitions will be on view as well as a number of other events going on including food, music and such forth. The exhibition is at 2807 Woodburn Ave Cincinnati OH. (one block from Manifest Gallery) 

          So hopefully you find the time to drop by and see what one of your professors has been up to for some time now. Don't forget to also drop into the 930 Gallery in Louisville to catch Darell Kincers show before it comes down. And Congrats on Dr Decker her work on the "Public Art and the City: Louisville 2012 Public Art Symposium". I know a number of students and our Gallery Director were able to go and all I have heard has been rave reviews including the words "wonderful" "interesting" "engaging" and "insightful".  I know Boris is painting away making great works for upcoming events as well. So great work to all of our faculty.  

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Earl Grey said...

Thank you, Daniel, for sharing a preview of your work and for sharing a post about our collected progress this semester. I look forward to your reception on Weds. (I won't be able to make it on Friday, as this is the weekend of both field trips to L'ville and Cincy). Best wishes!!!!