Saturday, October 15, 2011


One of the chief comments that I receive from recent alums is that they wished they had more "real-world" experience before they were out in the field seeking employment. In fact, that's what employers also seek! EXPERIENCE! To gain such field work, consider volunteering time at a local gallery or exhibition space. ArtTigers is a fantastic example of one such opportunity on our own campus. If you're interested in participating in this "student guide" program, please see art gal (aka Laura, our Gallery Director and Curator of Collections).

In addition to our galleries on campus, Scott County has a local museum, several arts spaces, and other cultural organizations that seek volunteers. Further afield, the International Museum of the Horse is particularly seeking volunteers to work in the galleries for their new exhibition "The Horse." Where are you interested in seeking experience? I bet there's an opp (as in "opportunity") for that!

In case you need convincing, consider that volunteers can connect people with art and objects in many ways: they provide one-to-one contact with visitors to galleries and they also engage with viewers, monitor the areas, and often provide important information (either informally or through an "official" tour capacity).

Please consider helping out your community by volunteering. Many times, if this project has a lasting commitment and involves an educative component, you may be able to seek academic credit for this internship/volunteer experience. Questions? Contact Dr. Decker

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