Monday, October 3, 2011

New friend in town

I would like to introduce a new friend to the Sculpture Shop at Georgetown College.
Through years of grant seeking and writing I am happy to annouce we are the proud owners of a SawStop Table saw. For those that dont know what this can watch the video below.

The SawStop table saw can tell the difference between wood and your hand. It is the safest tool in the shop, which is a good thing because table saws are often perceived as super intimidating.  This neat trick is not one that can be tried or displayed. Each time the saw is stopped (like in the video above) it requires a change of blades ($90) and a new brake system ($80).  So no parlor tricks or messing around. It is based off of a simple principle of current control. If something absorbs electrical current i.e. your finger/hotdog/wet wood/metal it will set off the brake.
         As far as I know we are the first educational institution in the state of Kentucky to have a SawStop.  It also doesn't hurt the excitement that it is such a beautiful tool.  To see the real deal tested on a finger you are welcome to watch HERE (3:50 is the action) no cut whatsoever. The hotdog was the first generation and the cut could be covered with a bandaid now they dont cut you at all! Amazing. So be sure to drop by the shop and check out the new kid in town.

Fresh off the truck

Fully assembled with the help of Daniel Cantu and Terrell


Earl Grey said...

Fantastic! And, especially a big thanks to Drs. Allen and Gambill for supporting this purchase! We look forward to many years of safe use:)

HDfoto said...

all the years in the making and its here! i wish i was still there to play with it!

Raine said...

That is great. I still might be too scared to use it. :)