Monday, October 24, 2011

Factory Square show

 The Exhibition by Ledelle Moe and Robert Fronk was fantastic. Here are some images from the American Can. The show is up until December so if you get a chance, go see it and if you are up there you should go to Mr. Genes Dog House for a chili cheese mett. It was a heart stopper but amazing.  (seen after the jump)
Got a chance to talk to both Ledelle and Robert, both were great individuals.  Ledelle especially was super down to earth and very motivational.

Our very own Terrell went along for the opening, if you get a chance stop him in the hall and ask him about it.

 Fantastic local dog place in Cincinnati. Long story about the definition of a "Mett" that is to long for the blog so you can stop and ask myself or Terrell about it.

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