Monday, October 10, 2011

Piggy and Flashback

What seems like yesterday but was a few years ago now Darrell and I took 15 students on a graduate school tour on Fall Break. I would echo Boris's comments on this being a great time to visit graduate programs.
Our trip a few years ago went to SCAD in Savannah Georgia, UGA in Athens Georgia, and Clemson in South Carolina.  SCAD was Darrell's Graduate program and UGA was mine.  We got to tour around all the towns and programs giving students an experience that would help not only make decisions about their future, have some bonding time outside of Georgetown, but also they got to see an insane amount of art and design work.  This year SODAH's (the Georgetown Chapter of Kappa Pi) trip is going to be in the spring much like last year.  Hopefully next fall we will take another whirlwind grad school program trip for all those that can make it.

A little walk down memory lane.
first floor tour of a Design building at SCAD

Liz and Ada Beth trying not to get blown away on the beach in Savannah.

Student work (silkscreen and letterpress)

Everyone getting a look at Martijn Van Wagtendonk's installation called "headway" 
You can click HERE to see a video of the piece in action.
Georgetown BA Clemson MFA Kara Renfro sporting her Georgetown pride.  

Ciera looking around the upstairs of the clayton street gallery in Athens.


HDfoto said...

that was a very fun trip!

Cortney Ragene said...

Aww I remember that trip. So much fun on the bus.