Friday, January 21, 2011

SP11 interns begin their work

Students undergoing internships this semester will be writing blog posts as a means of providing regular updates of their work. The student interns in art history, curatorial, and archival work are: junior art history major Bess McHone; junior art history and art studio major Devon Stivers; and senior English major Jacob Pankey. The student blogs will be linked along the right column under the label "Art Department Links"
or as regular posts to our department site.
First up, Bess, who is an intern at Cardome. She has made her first post today, giving an intro to her project. She writes, "This [site]....will be updated regularly with information found in the Cardome archives. It will also include questions concerning events in its past as well as inquiries as to students' identities." See the link at right and watch her site for further updates.
In the coming weeks, you'll hear more from the interns. Please feel free to post and ask questions of them. These types of internship experiences enable our students to apply what they have learned in the classroom and to extend their own knowledge through experience-based inquiry. We wish them well in their work!
Image courtesy of Saul Zalesch, an expert in ephemera. Thanks for the cd of images, Saul!

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