Thursday, January 20, 2011

AHRG: Art History Reading Group TODAY at noon!

Students who love art history and like to read are invited to attend the Art History Reading Group's planning meeting TODAY, January 20th at noon in the art building. We will set a regular meeting time (about every two weeks) to discuss an article, a chapter from a book, or other reading. The articles would be chosen by all of us, based upon our interests and could focus on art history or museum and curatorial practices. The reading group is entirely voluntary and optional. The group is not restricted to art history majors, but requires an understanding of art history (generally). If you are interested in participating, please come to the meeting. If you have a book or reading that you'd like us to consider reading, please bring it to the meeting.

Note: Photo by James Rye, see his Flickr site


Jacob Pankey said...


Mexifem said...

So sorry to miss it. But let me know about future meetings!

Earl Grey said...

We decided today that our regular meeting time will be every/other Thursday, beginning with 1/27 at noon (we'll need to Skype in those who cannot join us at that time).

First up, we'll read an essay by W.J.T. Mitchell, selected by Artgal.

Watch the blog for updates.

Earl Grey said...

After 1/27 the next meeting will be
- Friday, Feb. 4 at 11 am for those who can make it. It's an odd time, but otherwise, we have a month hiatus!

Then, the following Thursdays at noon in the art building:
- 2/17
- 2/24
- 3/24
- 3/31, plus Linda Nochlin visit that evening
- 4/21
- 5/5 (Reading Day)