Tuesday, January 25, 2011

s p a c e

an exhibition in the Anne Wright Wilson Fine Arts Gallery
January 27 - February 24, 2011

Reception and dialogue 
a GC CEP/NEXUS event 
Thursday, January 27, 5-7 p.m.

Please pose questions for the January 27 dialogue event by posting a comment, below, or via e-mail to galleries@georgetowncollege.edu.


Earl Grey said...

In thinking of your title, "s p a c e", can you discuss the 'physical' limitations of exhibition in a space as well as the cultural/social boundaries of it?

GC::VA said...

What would you consider the current relationship of contemporary painting to the idea of site specific installation? What would your response be to being labeled a installation artist rather than a painter?

Cortney Ragene said...

One of your pieces for this exhibition was made directly for this gallery space. Is this the first time you have produced a site specific work? And have you enjoyed the process knowing exactly where and how your piece will fit?

Boris Zakic said...

Thanks for the questions. Let me try:
--As most of you know, my indifference to titling the exhibition was what eventually lead to my embracing the "placeholder" on the exhibition calendar. In fact, I was moved by it's triteness very much! Finally, I thought, a nice boring "yikes" title. The cultural/social boundaries, if I am understanding Earl Gray's sense of the term, was also to be assigned by interdepartmental expectations, which are pretty narrow, given the gallery traffic over the past decade.
--GCVA's question is somewhat rhetorical. If an artist is provided with the familiarity of exhibition space, (as I certainly had) and allowed the time of preparation, we are all essentially Fragonards at the château at Louveciennes. Im afraid, furhtermore, that the curatorial issues about the Fragonard room at the Frick would have served this discussion far better. (including both the version of 1927 and the most recent one)
--I enjoyed altering the floor plan of the Conchenour in 2009 and The Art Academy of Cincinnati in 2010, for example. I loved it, especially when the administrators of the space are excited about it, as well.

again, better late than never.