Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Opportunity: Internship KHS DEADLINE 8/31/11

The Kentucky Historical Society is working with Northern Kentucky University’s Kentucky Service Corps program to secure student internships in KHS’ Museum Collections & Exhibitions Division. Three internships are available to any undergraduate or graduate student interested in collections management. The student may be someone already working with you, a student that you know from one of your classes at the university, or a person over 55 years old that is looking to volunteer and gift their award/stipend to a child or grandchild. The AmeriCorps member is eligible to work up to 450 hours between the application date and August 31, 2011 and will assist with cataloging collections, including:
  • Data entry;
  • Collections packaging and re-housing;
  • Condition reporting;
  • Item interpretation, etc.
Students participating in this program will work at the Kentucky Historical Society’s Thomas D. Clark Center for Kentucky History in Frankfort. Participants (students or an individual over age 55) will receive an award based on the total number of hours worked. The award for the total 450 hours is $1,415.34. This award is given at the completion of the service via an electronic account, and it may be used for valid educational expenses (loan payments, tuition payments, books, etc.).
STEP 1: Complete a profile on the AmeriCorps website at
STEP 2: Upon receiving your registration notice via email, log into the system and follow the steps to create an application.
STEP 3: Apply to the Kentucky Service Corps program at
STEP 4: Contact Trevor Jones (Director, Museum Collections & Exhibitions Division) at the Kentucky Historical Society (502-564-1792, to notify him that the application is complete and begin the project paperwork.
Please note that the application process may take up to one hour to complete. All members must complete a criminal background check and an interview.

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