Monday, September 20, 2010

What to do or be?

So being Holly Olive and I have been held up in the house all weekend due to some sickness going around that we all ended up with. Holly has been sick all week and somehow it got to me this weekend.  When I get sick I sleep and if I am not sleeping I am not so nice to be around. I am like a sad rain cloud.  
While our sickness had claimed out weekend, we did one fun thing.  Holly and I took a personality assessment test (myers briggs) and didn’t really learn anything new but cemented some previous theories. We are looking to do it again but take the test for one another and see if we get the same results.  Holly started off by saying “I don’t think you will learn anything new, they are just going to tell you that you are nice guy with ADD”.  The test told me that I was Extroverted (who saw that coming) amongst other things. But the real fun was the assessment tells you possible career fields that people with the same personality types are successful in and or enjoy.  The one on the top of my list that kept coming up was working in the restaurant industry.  (way below is the full list) I just thought the results were so interesting.  None of these were what I thought I wanted to do when I was in high school. Minus derivatives of some like construction work and manual labor, and minus art and teaching, none of these have ever interested me or I have done in my life thus far.  My parents didn’t even think I would go to college, I wanted to be a snow mountain rescue person, a massage therapist, a veterinarian, a civil engineer,  or a wildlife researcher.  
      This is all funny because this summer my mom gave me a box with every report card from kindergarten till college in it. Along with a number of book reports and class projects, while sifting through this box I came across a piece of paper shown below (click image for larger view).  That I made in the 2nd grade.  I think it is funny that from the beginning I knew what I wanted to do, but apparently I forgot for a number of  years till college, where I took my first art class, and somehow felt like I had wandered into a place a belonged and had been before. I guess in some way I had been there before. 
(you have to love the teachers encouraging note that contains a hint of "sure you will" sarcasm, the "lovely story" part just cracks me up, Holly has suggested that I try and find the teacher I had and send her a copy of my current resume and portfolio. What do you think? Should I and why?)
List of recommended career fields:  
sales, food services, restaurant work, office management, entertainment, consulting, school administration, theater, construction work, politics, social science, psychology, art, theater work, entertainment, counseling, writing, acting, photography, teaching (especially for younger children), religious work, nursing, counseling, office machine operations, writing, restaurant work, social science, manual labor and entertainment


Ryleyanne Vaughn said...

you should totally find her and send it to her... It would be awesome to see what she says back. But she probably wont remember lol.

Also, can you post the link to the test? Always wanted to take that.

College Girl said...

I think Holly's right, as usual. =) Teachers love that kind of thing anyway, at least that's what my mom tells me.

Earl Grey said...

Daniel, I love that you included the picture with your post. I love the curl you put on your hair, too. Oh my goodness! It would be great if you could locate the teacher, send her the link to this post, and show her what you do. Yes, you are an artist, but you're also a faculty member who teaches artists, athletes, aspiring doctors, chemists, teachers, and pastors. The list goes on. I bet she would be thrilled to know this!

kitten said...

You definitely need to find her and send her a copy of the paper along with what you do. She may have known you were going to be an artist all along. I think she would love to hear from you and learn about your current life. It will make her feel good that you took the time to find her and you'll feel good that you have vindicated yourself. The drawing was great and you were a really good writer for a 7 year old!!