Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Exquisite Conversations, Anyone?

In her recent blog, Come Curious: The Artists Look, Katia Zavistovski refers to a 1976 essay titled “Art as a Cultural System,” by anthropologist Clifford Geertz.  According to Zavistovski, Geertz states that 'the perception of something important in either particular works or in the arts generally moves people to talk (and write) about them incessantly.' In previous blogs, I have encouraged conversations about art experiences happening right in our own (back) yard.  

My experience of art this weekend in my neck of the woods included a well attended reception where I encountered many individuals I knew; I engaged in people watching, grazing the buffet line, etcetera.  I also spent time looking at the works on view, especially what appeared to be giant, bronze sculptures from the street (attractive to me because of my recent dealings with a lot of heavy metal), but which upon closer examination I discovered were actually created from foam. (Talk about patina!) But by far the best part of the evening was talking about art, especially with the artists who made the work.

Here are a couple of photos from the opening reception for Portrait of a Horse: The Exquisite Equine exhibition in the Wilson Gallery.  
 the artist Yvonne Todd speaking with friends

 artists Gretchen Grossardt and Shary B. Akers with Gretchen's husband
To my mind, conversations about art and exhibitions with the artists who created the works on view are often one of the most rewarding aspects of attending opening (and closing) receptions.     

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