Saturday, September 18, 2010

Field Trip: A Gift From the Desert

This is, actually, a field trip report. Today Jamie Ratliff's survey class and several of my students (from curatorial and senior thesis classes) toured the fascinating exhibition at the Horse Park. If you have not already seen this exhibition, you might want to make a visit before WEG officially kicks off. One of the prized items on view is the Standard of Ur, a "standard" (pun intended) at the British Museum. This hollow box decorated with shell, red limestone and lapis was created more than 4500 years ago; its purpose is unknown. Its two faces depict war scenes and peace scenes. Interestingly, the side greeting visitors was that of war. We spent a good while looking at this object, but I personally could have stayed there for several more minutes. Think of all of the art historical terms that you know that you could use to discuss this object (register, relief, narrative, figurative, hieratic). Special thanks to Jamie, Greg, and Dr. Emerick for accompanying our group. A special shout out goes to Daniel Ware and superstar Nate for joining us. Hope you enjoyed it, too!

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