Friday, September 3, 2010

Boris's 3rd: Flatness, Line and Function (2D mini-project, ART117)

I received a fun gift sometime ago of some bold-colored humanoid and foot-shaped paperclips, still had a sticker from your everyday office supply store, so you may have seen something like it I’m sure. This semester, as one of the pilot mini-projects, I decided to synthesize the topic of continuous line with this paperclip. If you are in ART117, expect to spend some of your class on Wednesday (after Labor day) or Monday giving a paperclip some serious reconsideration. Will be a wide-open activity, but I suggest you eventually (emphasis on eventually) give special attention to the interaction of the following (oft-desired) aspects into a single form: 1. paper rims to be as flat as possible, to avoid bulking. 2. Continuous line with respect to its two-sided view 3. function(s) and functionality. Good luck!

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