Tuesday, December 21, 2010

GC Art in Review

While you're musing about art in the new year, you might want to peruse this nice recap of 2010 art trends from the New York Times. Meanwhile, here are a handful images for your viewing pleasure.  Hope you enjoy this GC Art Dept fall semester in review!
Fun with Professor Graham
Professor Kincer and photographer Jan Albers at Prometheus Foundry
"Pink Slinky" artist Leticia Bajuyo on the Wilson putting green
Professor Ratliff and Emily Brandon pose with prints from Mexico

Recent art history grad with Dr. Czarnecki at the Exquisite Equine opening

Dr. Decker and friends discussing ImPrint
Show It: the "nexus" for great art!

1 comment:

Earl Grey said...

Thanks so much for posting these, art gal! What a great semester we've had. Thank you, also, to everyone --students, all faculty and staff mentors in the art department, and friends -- for providing your time and effort toward our range of opportunities and events. I am entirely grateful to all of you, our "Friends of Art."

BTW, be on the look out for a new program called "Friends of Art"....more info in April 2011.

PS: the article is great, too. What a wild year in the arts. Scandal on top of scandal!