Sunday, December 26, 2010

Countdown to London: 365 days

For those of you interested in a study abroad adventure, consider a CCSA course with Dr. Decker next Winter. CCSA is a consortium that offers opportunities for college students to participate in study abroad experiences in English-speaking countries. Yours truly, Dr. Decker, teaches a course through CCSA every two years. Our next opportunity for a study abroad with me is a year away. Start planning now!

Departure date is December 26, 2011, with a return in early January 2012 -- plenty of time to gear yourself up for Spring 2012 classes. The topic of the course that I teach is the history of museums. Students in the course will go beyond the white walls of the art museum to investigate other forms of repositories -- such as other museums, libraries, armouries, zoos, and more. We'll study how these have enriched the milieu of the museums conceptually and materially. We'll visit one or more institution(s) each day, with two (or more) site visits outside of London.

Enjoy England in the winter and come back enriched from your experiences. In your two-week excursion, you'll undertake new experiences, be immersed in opportunities to make friends from GC and other colleges and universities throughout the US, and, of course, learn about and visit a lot of museums and collections! Talk to your friends --- see who's up for joining you on this study abroad experience in London. Or, if you have a friend from another school and want him/her to join you, contact CCSA to see if that person's school is part of our consortium.

If you have any questions, contact Dr. Decker or consult the CCSA website and their photoblog.
Photo above, right, from the Natural History Museum in London. Taken by G. Decker.

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