Wednesday, December 8, 2010

ImPrint Catalog

It's been a few weeks since ImPrint ended. Throughout the show and up until now, I've been working on a catalog via Blurb (and their software BookSmart), featuring the works and statements from the artists. It has been a lot of work, but I'm glad to have included this component of the show, particularly since so many of the artists, 15 of 16, couldn't make it to the Ann Wright Wilson Gallery. I don't blame them; we had pieces in the show from across the country. But hopefully with this catalog all of the artists can get a sense of the works included in the show, what the other artists say about their own work, a glimpse of the gallery space, and feedback from Daniel, Laura, and myself.

You can see and even purchase a copy of the ImPrint Catalog at


Mexifem said...

Wow, Darrell, that looks terrific! What a great way to wrap up and encapsulate such a fine exhibit.

GC::VA said...

Great work. The book looks fantastic.
I think people will be super pleased when they see the show from those that couldnt make it.