Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Internships at A Bryan Photo (photography/graphic design/business)

I've known Bryan a long time, all the way back to when he first started making photographs in college with a Holga. Since then he's become one of the best photographers in the southeast. I'm hoping to get him in a Skype chat with our ART 370 analog/film photography course. Film is Bryan's forté and method of choice for making the most exquisite portraits and wedding/event/fashion photographs. Check out his site for yourself HERE, or check out the opportunity to be an intern at his studio in Birmingham. See details below…

We are pleased to announce again the A Bryan Photo Internships for this fall & early next year!
The program allows us to teach the intricacies of our craft, while imparting the principles needed to run a successful small business. We think you will enjoy working with your hands while learning the analog medium.

We practice a Results Only Work Environment (ROWE) which promotes a more relaxing, enjoyable, and strangely more productive atmosphere. You won’t be asked to fill a certain amount of hours or perform mindless tasks. Your role will be integral to our daily workflow and will help us in the presentation and styling of our imagery.

The A Bryan Photo Internship has proven to be mutually beneficial for both parties and we are honored to consider you for the position.

Fall Submission Deadline : August 26th
Fall Internship Duration : September 9th – December 20th
Spring Submission Deadline : January 18th
Spring Internship Duration : February 3rd – May 16th
Summer Submission Deadline : May 23rd
Summer Internship Duration : June 2nd – August 22nd

Read the PDF attached below and contact us at if interested.
Click to view or right click to save the Informational PDF.

Please Keep in Mind:
This is not specifically a photography internship. One may learn about our craft through working with our team but should not expect to be taught or practice photography.

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