Monday, January 27, 2014

What is "real"

We all know that so many images we see in the media, magazines, movies, and TV have been altered, filtered, retouched and tweaked. But usually we don't see it being done. It saddens me quite a bit to be living in a culture that sees the need to "perfect" the "flaws" out of people. It is so damaging to our children, our perspective, and our identity (among every other thing you can think of). Just seeing something like the video below boggles my mind that people have made a career out of changing people and some models and actors have made a career out of being something they are not.

Before digital photography there were camera and darkroom tricks but for most of the time photographs were seen as proof of the real. With the availability and influx of technology and software I wonder if there is such a medium to document the real or if it can only exist outside of documentation. Which honestly I think can be a real good thing. What do you think?

Via Jeantte Tesmer via gizomodo via designboom via the soup

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Boris Zakic said...

thanks for the memory lane -- shed a Sinead-tear here! as to ur point, I agree -- great morning post. Fun App too. Thanks!