Monday, October 1, 2012

SCANDAL: Good Design Bad Design

 Scandal: good and bad.
See here.
This is an art history scandal of the worst sort. The problem is that the college was attempting to develop its own course packet by combining selections from three textbooks, but the copyright clearance for such a special, customized coursebook was beyond the pale. So, rather than getting copyright clearance for all of the images in this edition, the publisher did not print the images in the books for the student. This is especially troubling because the book pairs with a course on visual and material culture at an art school. Clearly, visuals are needed, yet the solution to this problem was to insert placeholders (the white boxes you see at left) with instructions to see a digital version for the actual image. An alum send this to me and it made me cringe. Thanks, Rachel!

Scandal can be good, too. . . as in "scandal!" as good design and common sense prevails in other places (thankfully):

Check out some of these fascinating objects, artifacts of our culture if you will, from the London Design Show. Above, the tableware and kitchenware is inspired by perfume containers. For the full slideshow, click here.

Do you have an example of good -- or, not-so-good -- design?

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