Thursday, October 18, 2012

ART 120 Photography, Pinhole, Fall 2012

Shawna ParsonBrandy SmithCAK0031.jpgCAK0041 pr .jpgCAK006.jpgChelsea Kraus
Chelsea KrausChelsea KrausChelsea KrausCheyenne NeffCheyenne NeffCorri Muha
Cris LopezCris LopezJen StephensonKatie WhitakerKatie WhitakerMelanie Totsikas
Melanie TotsikasMelanie TotsikasMelanie TotsikasMelanie TotsikasMelanie TotsikasShawna Parson
Recent work from ART 120 Photography, where students built their own cameras from common, everyday materials to produce fantastically dreamy photographs that bring light to their subjects and locations in new and fresh ways. Enjoy!


Earl Grey said...

This is one of my favorite projects from the photography classes. Thanks for posting these for us and sharing the Flickr link.

Nice job, students!

Boris Zakic said...

For those who love B&W prints to charcoal crossovers, make sure you give these a close attention -- Meda&Veda's installation image by Barker, the Giddings by Kraus, to list a few, are as close to drawing I've seen in some time. Darrell, what do you think of pairing up the courses for the project. In the next cycle perhaps?