Monday, October 22, 2012

A Game of Exquisite Corpses with ART 338, Intermediate Digital Imaging

exquisite corpse 002.jpgexquisite corpse 006.jpgexquisite corpse 005.jpgexquisite corpse 004.jpgexquisite corpse 003.jpgexquisite corpse 001.jpg
Some fun and games in ART 338 Intermediate Digital Imaging, getting ready for our next assignment that involves collaborating with one another. We'll be playing a game of exquisite corpse digitally as each student contributes to a composition with two other classmates. Our drawings featured here were a quick introduction and warmup to the idea/process.

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Earl Grey said...

I absolutely love "exquisite corpse" -- I am very excited to see how this project comes along. Invite the Modern Art students and me to your crit, okay? We {heart} exquisite corpse. . .