Thursday, October 25, 2012

Modern Art News

Picasso's "Woman Ironing" was cleaned recently, revealing a clearer picture of an image underneath the painting. 
From the Estate of Pablo Picasso/Artists Rights Society; Photo: Kristopher McKay/Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation

We've been learning about Picasso, Duchamp, the Armory Show, and Guernica in Modern Art over the past two weeks. We have been looking at the artists as ascribing to theories of the mainstream or avant-garde; formalist or conceptual; representational or abstract.

Because Picasso's been on my mind, I was pleased to read the news that one of his paintings has another work buried beneath. It seems he painted Woman Ironing on top of a portrait of a man with a mustache which the artist abandoned. The ghost of the man underneath was first detected with an infrared camera in 1989. (Yes, art history can move at an incredibly slow, but thorough pace). See the known image at the head of this post, and visit the buried image by clicking here.

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