Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Summer Workshops

If you have never considered it, you might look into the possibility of attending a summer workshop in art. There are two that often come to mind for my: Maine Media Workshops (Maine) and Sante Fe Photographic Workshops (New Mexico). Both have a strong emphasis in photography. I had the good fortune of attending a workshop at Maine a number of summers ago. It was educational, fun, beautiful and a great chance to meet and network with others, not to mention the lobster dinner at the end of the week.

Another reason to consider these opportunities is that they often employ college students to work as assistants throughout the summer. This would give you a great chance to learn and work alongside well-known artists.

I just found out about Anderson Ranch (Colorado) this year. They sent me a catalog and I was excited to see that they offer study in much more than photography, including ceramics, woodworking, painting, printmaking, children's programs, and more.

If you might have interest in one of these workshops, click on their links above or check out some of the catalogs I have in the drop box outside my office.


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