Monday, March 19, 2012

Art After Hours: 3/21 at the Horse Park & Scholarship Deadline 3/23/12 and Internship in CO

Art After Hours is a new program initiated last year by two young arts professionals in Lexington.
You'll see that their aim is to connect people in the arts. "Art After Hours is a free program that brings awareness of local art organizations to students, young art professionals and the young at heart. Participants get to know Lexington organizations, the staff and other art explorers. Each event includes a tour of the organization, networking opportunity and special activity."

The events usually run from 6-8 pm. I've been to a few of these events (and a student accompanied me to one of these at the Lyric Theatre). If you're interested in learning more about arts organizations (including performance as well as visual arts) and are open to meeting new people in these fields, then going to one of these would definitely be worth the time you spend.

I am posting the info for the next event here as a jpg, but you can find more info on Facebook. Please search there, if you're in that loop.

Hope to see you there!
Separately, but equally important: if you are considering a career in museums, you might be interested in attending the AAMG annual conference in Minneapolis on 4/28. A student scholarship is available. Details here:

The Association of Academic Museums and Galleries invites students to apply for scholarship funding to attend this year's annual conference in Minneapolis, held at the Weisman Art Museum on April 28th.

The board of the AAMG will designate an annual award to a student wishing to attend the annual conference. The scholarship will cover the cost of the conference and a year’s membership plus travel and housing costs up to a maximum total award of $500.00. (Receipts must be submitted for reimbursement.) The objective of the funding is to engage and encourage future academic museum leadership in a multiplicity of disciplines and to provide the student with access to mentorship and pedagogical growth.


Mr./Mrs./Ms. (Circle one)





Telephone: E-mail:

1. Describe why it is you believe that you deserve the AAMG fellowship.

2. On a separate document please address the following questions. (500 words or less)
How will the fellowship activity build your leadership skills?
How will the subject matter and general experience of the AAMG conference assist you in your overall professional development?
3. RESUME Attach a recent copy of your professional resume.
4. REFERENCE LETTER Attach a letter of reference: one from your employer or direct supervisor (or academic advisor)
5. CONSENT AND RELEASE I understand that to qualify for this fellowship: (please check each) I must complete an application form, answer corresponding questions, and submit a letter of reference. If selected for this fellowship, I agree to fulfill the attendance to the AAMG conference for which I have applied for support and complete a final narrative and financial report on the activity. If selected, I agree to release my biography and activity report for future publications.
CHECKLIST: Application form, Essay, Resume, Reference Letter, Consent and Release
EMAIL your complete application to Kris Anderson at
DUE DATE: March 23
Confirmation of student status will be requested at time of award.
For more information on the conference go to

#3 Mining Museum in Colorado -- internships. See here.

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