Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Congrats to Daniel Graham!!!

Yesterday, we learned that Daniel Graham has been awarded tenure and promotion. Congratulations to Daniel! Effective next year, Daniel will be known as Associate Professor Daniel Graham (promoted from Assistant) and will have been awarded tenure.

The term tenure means the condition of holding, as in making someone permanent (or as best as we can describe as permanent). To be awarded tenure means that the professor values the institution and finds the college a good fit; likewise, the institution values the faculty member and finds him a good fit for the department, college, and greater institution. In addition, Daniel has been promoted. He is the third of four tenure-able members of the department. Yay!

As many of you know, Daniel submitted his portfolio for review by the Faculty Committee this past January. Decisions on tenure and promotion are due out this spring. . . and Earl Grey has her ways of finding things out. Plus, she can keep a secret. So, a plan was enacted to help Daniel celebrate as soon as he found out the verdict on his tenure application. We covertly planned a little surprise party, with sparkling grape juice and cupcakes, in his honor. We needed him to have a reason to return to the building after learning the news from Provost Allen. It did take a little white lie to get Daniel back to the WAB yesterday afternoon (thanks, Darrell). But, it was all for a good cause. Thanks are due to Boris for his fantastic explanation of service, commitment, and cycling of faculty and tenure.

Celebrating with Daniel Graham
(Thanks to Evey for snapping these photos. Yes, they're staged, but we needed to document somehow!!!:).
When you see Daniel be sure to congratulate him on a job well done over these past six years. As a tenured faculty member, I welcome him into this rarified community. Congrats, Daniel. Keep up the fine work with our prospective students, current students, campus, and beyond. All best wishes!!!


Bess said...

YAY, DANIEL!! :) This is so exciting.

art gal said...

Congratulations, Daniel!!

HDfoto said...

YAY Daniel!!! That is soo exciting!!!!! Congratulations!!!