Tuesday, November 29, 2011


... to State of Drawing in the Anne Wright Wilson Fine Art Gallery.  Thanks to EVERYONE who participated to make this exhibition possible.  If you were not able to be at the opening reception and round-table dialogue, you can still check out the show, including People's Choice Award Winner Exposed Roots by Bethany Kalk.
Profs. Darrell Kincer, Sheldon Tapley (Centre) and Daniel Graham

Prof. Boris Zakic with Manifest Gallery Director and Prof. Jason Franz

Dialogue discussants Boris Zakic, Andrea Fisher (Transy), Esther Randall (EKU), Kristina Arnold (WKU) and Jason Franz.


Earl Grey said...

Great photos to match the conversation that evening. Thanks, art gal!

GC::VA said...

Darrell pointed out that in one of the pictures it looks like the drawing is stabbing Jason in the head. What a riot! Good times.

Boris Zakic said...

While the show is still up, has anyone thought about Andrea Fisher's claim at "resurgence"? Or is the claim worth revisiting? I think yes, but would like to see what you thought about it--