Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shout Out: Public Art, and Public Art Redux, and Periodic Table of Artists

The creator of this riff, Andrew Robert Keast, deserves a shout out:

A shout out to Rachel Fawcett Allen (class of 2007) who's spearheaded a public art project with her classes at Frankfort Independent. View the blog here and the write up about her project in the Kentucky Dept. of Education newsletter here (scroll to page 4). Visit Rachel's blog about the project here. Some of the photos really tell the story of student efforts, cooperation and sharing of tools in limited quantities (sounds familiar to us as we, too, have limited facilities!). I've included a photo from Rachel's blog below.

Third, a call for all to join us for a public art conference in Louisville. The conference has been organized by Earl Grey and Peter Morrin of the Center for Arts and Culture Partnerships at the U of L. Student admission is free; all others $15. Hope to see you next Friday! And, note, we'll be blogging about the conference all day, from this site. Look forward to sharing info with you!

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