Friday, April 15, 2011

Invite to GC Art Alums Gathering, May 12th

“Where are they now?” If you’re curious what your classmates are up to these days, or would like to share some of your recent exciting projects, art-related or not, consider joining us for an evening of networking. The art department will host an “Art Alum Re-connect” on Thursday, May 12. We have talked about doing an Alum event that is geared toward current seniors for some time, but could never come up with an adequate time and format. Finally, it’s a go: the seniors will be having their exhibition closing, the finals are over and the graduation ceremonies just a few days away. You probably remember these few days of “intense quiet” yourself. I will send an e-mail invitation, based on our compiled list of addresses (it is far from complete, but it’s a start), in the next few days.

Also, on Dr. Decker’s behalf, I would like to invite you to her “hopefully annual” end-of-the-year-dept-party on Last Day of Class, Wednesday, May 4. For the direction to her house please e-mail.

*Images from Archives of 2004/2005 school year (by faculty and students). Other years will be coming soon--

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Earl Grey said...

The photos are a blast from the past. Thanks for sharing. I am sitting here laughing about some of these, especially the inferno in the sculpture yard.
And yes, directions to the art majors and alum party are forthcoming. Looking forward to seeing everyone again!