Friday, February 11, 2011

NYC cont'd (Boris's 3rd)

Just a quick add-on-to the previous (Earl Grey's) post.
To ART455: I have attended an excellent discussion this morning, entitled "Prophet/Profit: Hirst." I would like to highly recommend thoughts by Thomas Crow, Sarah Thornton (our text), Capri Rosenberg, Debora Silverman and others, for anyone interested in the art market and looking pass "art personalities." Crow, for instance, suggested strong ties to Richter and dot paintings. I am stating this in light of Kelsey's recent works and posts. Kelsey, by the way, very glad you dropped a note about your latest images. See painters Thomas Downing (60s, 70s), John Armleder (60s), along the way, too. But all of you, please take interest in the above mentioned writers and the related scholarship. I will make it a point to pass the abstracts onto you as soon as they become available. Also, I hope you had a good session with photographing and lighting your works (thanks Darrell). We'll discuss them first thing. Best wishes from the CAA's Centennial kickoff.

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