Monday, February 14, 2011

Hot or not?

This is an exhibition of tattooed arms in cases.  They are a series of works on prosthetic limbs by Guy le Tatooer. For more images of the exhibition and some behind the scenes shots go HERE.  I though these were quite interesting.  It reminded me of what Scott Cambell said about tattoo, "it is the only art process where your medium has an opinion".  So what do you think, fantastic or not so much? 


Earl Grey said...

Not hot. I'd prefer to see drawings of the ideas, photographs of the same tattoo on real arms, and video of the person living with the tattoo. A tattoo is about lived experience -- both of the work itself and the person embodying it (or that the tattoo embodies). Either way, you gotta have the real thing. No prosthetics here.

Mexifem said...

I agree with Earl Grey. Separating a tattoo from the body negates the whole idea of a tattoo for me. And while the prosthetic display is a convenient method of display here, it seems kind of gimmicky and, well, kind of lazy. I think they cheapen the experience of a tattoo- something that is meant to permanently mark our bodies. We feel the pain or discomfort of its creation and carry the mark with us forever (and if not, the removal is also a long, drawn-out, multi-step process). To separate the tattoo from the body (and to place it on a prosthetic, where it is separated from sensation) cheapens the act, I think.

I find it interesting though, how this post now relates to art gal's more recent post about the Google Art Gallery. Nothing compares to the actual experience of art, tattoo or otherwise.

GC::VA said...

I am torn, I totally agree that tattoo is about experience, and about the aging process but I also see the idea of tradition with a mixture of current technology. Would it be any less a tattoo for a person that was missing a limb and had one permanently put on a prosthetic? And I think of these works more like flash rather than tattoo, I think it is interesting to see the use of tattoo as a tool rather than an intimate process, much like scott cambell's tattooed leather pieces. Nothing will replace tattoo as experience but it is interesting to see it peeking into the gallery on a familiar form.