Monday, February 21, 2011


(language not suitable for all)

Scott Campbell addresses the growth and path of an artist, as well as the use of narrative in his work.  Although known for his money cut pieces and holograms Scott started out in tattoo and still works under the name Saved tattoo out of New York.  I laugh at the beginning of the video when he describes how he got to where he his by going all the wrong ways.  It got me thinking (and in relation to an up coming art for lunch Unforeseen Visions) about what I wanted to be and how I got to where I am now.
It is funny because my parents didn't think I was even going to go to college let alone become a professor. I originally wanted to be in snow mountain recuse, then massage therapy, then graphic design, then ceramics and then printmaking, then woodworking and then kinda of all of it.
Scott Campbell also made mention of his history being in everything he makes.  That is so true for better or worse.

So what was everybody "supposed to be" or how you got to where you are?

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