Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chicago Trip Update

Plans are still underway to take a department trip to Chicago the weekend of April 8. We intend to take a total of 25-26 people. Two slots are reserved for Daniel and myself and seven slots are reserved for art major seniors. That leaves 16-17 available seats. Make plans now to join us.

The itinerary is to leave on Friday and head to the Indianapolis Museum of Art in the afternoon and later that day travel to northern Indiana to stay overnight.

The next morning (Saturday) we will take the train into downtown Chicago and visit a few museums, eat some fantastic food, and perhaps do a little shopping. That evening we'll take the train back to the hotel for another night's rest.

Then on Sunday we'll pack up and head back to GC, but this time we'll cut through Dayton and stop at the Dayton Art Institute before finally arriving home.

Priority registration will open soon for Kappa Pi members, then for art majors/minors, then for anyone taking an art course, and then any GC student.

Cost of the trip is being calculated and will most likely be prorated along the lines of Kappa Pi members all the way down to GC students. Once we settle on specific lodging (which is in the works) I'll have details on final cost.

Looking forward to a great trip!

Thanks, DK

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