Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Majors Party 2014 pix

Thanks to everyone who came over on Thursday evening, May 1. It was a chilly one this year—meaning next year, it should be balmy! That's been our history: hot one year, cool the next.

It was great to see all of the faculty, families, students, and our special guest star alumni (Maddy and Hannah!!!) as well as special guest star students, Jaylin, Joey, and Travis. I didn't do a great job taking photos this year — I was too busy taking care of the grill. So I only have a few. But, hope you enjoy them. 

Good luck studying for finals and Happy Graduation to our seniors!
Time to catch up with old friends
Time to play some games and relax, too

Lots of toppings for the burgers and dogs...where's Kristin's cookies? :)

Hanging out in the yard and getting to know one another

Who's up for Srirachi sauce? Rebecca!

Time with just a few of the seniors!
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