Monday, December 9, 2013

Opportunity: Web Intern

Web Design Intern—contact Ann Priede
The Web Design Intern has a wide range of responsibilities related to the ongoing design and operation of Photizo’s web sites, including the corporate site, io360 site, services portal, and various conference sites. The Web Design Intern will report to the Design and Production Coordinator.


·       Maintain operation of Photizo web sites to the highest level of performance, user experience, and accuracy, within the current web site framework
·       Manage the ongoing tasks related to optimizing web site performance, user experience, and accuracy

Key Responsibilities

1.     Fix bugs that negatively impact the performance, user experience, or accuracy of the Photizo web sites
2.     Work with Design and Production Coordinator to optimize the look and feel of the Photizo sites to provide the best user experience within the current web site framework
3.     Work with Web Marketing Intern to optimize the Photizo web sites for Google Analytics monitoring and tracking to support corporate marketing plan
4.     Work with Direct Marketing Intern as needed to support conference and Imaging Observer 360 (io360) direct marketing campaigns
5.     Work with outside IT support (SDGBlue) and web hosting (Dreamhost) as necessary
6.     Work virtually with team members across the country and the world
7.     Attend all regular company meetings
8.     Assist with other tasks as assigned by the Design and Production Coordinator

Skills Required

  • Proficiency with the following:
    • Mac OSX and Windows platforms
    • WordPress
    • Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac or newer
    • Adobe Photoshop CS5 or newer
    • Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 or newer
    • Adobe Illustrator CS5 or newer
    • Adobe Acrobat CS5 or newer
    • HTML 5
    • Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer
  • Experience with PHP coding, HTML, Javascript
  • Basic analytical skills and efficiency when working with data
  • Positive and friendly disposition with a willingness to take on multiple projects
  • Knowledge of and desire to work together with others as a team
·       Excellent organizational, communication, and time management skills
·       Experience working in an office environment is desirable

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