Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Inspiring Blogger

Suzanne Gray, formerly of the Kentucky Arts Council and a huge fan of art, has started a blog titled "Roaming Arts." 

Suzanne writes, "I decided to create the blog that I couldn’t find, one that would meld a love of art, food and all things written. The word art has just three letters, but it manages to encompass a universe of things that make a life well-lived." Suzanne makes a point not to draw distinctions about art and how it's defined—topics that come up so often in our discussions here in the Art Building. She writes, "My definition of art is wide and that’s where the roaming comes in. So, in addition to covering more traditional arts like painting and sculpture (the visual arts), food (the culinary arts), really good writing (the literary arts), you’ll find stories about things like really elegant handwriting and an excellent holiday toast."

Suzanne's approach encompasses the concept of art in a very broad way—and can serve as a reminder of how we approach our own blog here, GCVA, which was started by colleagues Daniel and Darrell in 2008. Our blog is about visual art, primarily, but more specifically approaches art through our own lenses, as faculty, staff, students, and alumni. How and where do we see art? What’s interesting to us?

Several art majors—thanks to the web design class taught by Chris—have their own websites focusing on their own work, teaching, and experiences. How instructive is that blog to your own work? Or, is it merely a place to deposit info about your self? What else could/would you include on your blog or site? What can you take from Suzanne’s example? 

Finally, congratulations to Suzanne for this launch and accolades. To read Suzanne's blog, click hereSkirt Magazine celebrated Suzanne's blog in December. See here

Everyone: Share your blog links with us through the comments feature. I look forward to hearing from you!

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