Thursday, July 11, 2013

What's your GC story?

Many times students come to college determined to major in X. Four years later they earn their degree in Y. Along the way, they take an array of classes that perhaps may have never interested them before coming to a liberal arts institution. Students often learn outside the classroom as well, through study abroad, volunteering, and internship. Such educational and professional discernment is something particular to liberal arts institutions—including Georgetown College. 

Five recent alumni, pictured below, have shared their stories with us. And, we're sharing them with you.  Click here to read these alumni stories. 

What's your GC story? How has your liberal arts education served you? What are you doing now? 
How would you put YOUR story in words? My journey as at Georgetown College began in...I came to Georgetown to study... After one semester of ...., I decided to look into other courses and possible professions. 

Want to share your story? Email Earl Grey, Art Department Chair: 

Mary Margaret, class of 2006
Miles, class of 2007,  the Kentucky Speedway for the
Quaker State 400 NASCAR race, June 28, 2013
Karyn, class of 2008

Peggy, class of 2010

Portia, class of 2012

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