Sunday, July 21, 2013

Museum visit: Ai Wei Wei and 100 Acres

I was able to make a visit to the Indianapolis Museum of Art for Ai Wei Wei's show According to What?. The show was previously at the Hirshhorn Museum in D.C. and their website, actually, has a better overview of the works and their context than Indy's. So I will point readers to that resource. I photographed a few of the pieces from the show and also took shots of the public art park and outdoor works adjacent to the Museum, 100 Acres. Enjoy!

Tea House
More info here.

Moon Chest

Moon Chest, detail
More info here.


The Visitors Pavilion at 100 Acres, a
public art park adjacent to the Indianapolis
Museum of Art.
View down the Mall, from the contemporary galleries
of the IMA.

The IMA has one of the finest collections of works by 
English artist J.M.W. Turner (yet, only one Constable sketch was on view).

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