Thursday, September 6, 2012

A'shop of horrors...

Students in modern art will be familiar with the first example of appropriation. . . 
a group that goes by the name "A'shop": 

They created the work at the right (thanks to Lynsey for tipping us off to this.) For 16 days straight, from dawn to dusk, this artist-run collective, A'shop, worked on a mural of a female figure that was Inspired by Czech Art Nouveau painter Alphonse Mucha. They used 500 cans of spray paint in 50 colors. Here ere are some progress shots that were taken over the 16 day period.
The artists were appropriating an earlier artist with a newer medium. And, they were also appropriating the wall, since it had graffitti on it already. 
To appreciate this, watch the video here. Artists names are: Fluke - Guillaume Lapointe - Bruno Rathbone - Antonin Lambert - Dodo. More info on them here.

The other half of this appropriation duo isn't as brilliant. I refer to it as "Horror": 
The artist Ron Lemen has been getting some press of late. This resurgence of interest comes in reference to his take on Thomas Kinkade's work. 
My idea was changing the landscape of art, wiping away the old habits and bringing in something new. Actually, I took an old and wiped it away, the landscape filled with happy little cottages and such...and such ick...our world is oversaturated with this stuff, can we change that please?
Lemen was appropriating by adding in an element and changing the context. But he is also appropriating -- or would you say, merely, depicting Godzilla? 
Taken together, the parts of this post, also, are an appropriation, taking their cues from a comedy-rock musical. Do you know the name????

PS: See fuller post about Godzilla/Kinkade  here. See video about appropriation here.

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