Monday, September 3, 2012

LES and NOoSPHERE cont'd

“LES is More!” was the buzz leading up to the grand opening of NOoSPHERE Arts (please note the name change from .NO). The New Museum had just reopened and a number of eager upstarts started flaring-up the neighbourhood. The last week’s article by Rachel Corbett on bloating of Chelsea, must see article here, only reaffirmed what all of us already knew: LES is fun! Annoying as it may be, listening to manhattanites monopolizing their existence by real estate conversations is beside the point: It is a matter of conviction rather, a kind of commitment to pleasure investments – especially by those who came “not-to-stake-claim-to” anything of estate or land. 

On behalf of the NOoSPHERE Arts Advisory Board, I hope to extend an invitation to the 2012/13 season opener (see the post below). Aptly phrased I Thought We Were the Same Person, NOoSPHERE is proud to present a collaborative multimedia production created by Agnes Nedregard, Moray Hillary and Torgrim Wahl Sund. NOoSPHERE Arts is precisely that, the venue for the ever important challenge of “we.”

NOoSPHERE Arts is an artist-run, nonprofit exhibition and performance venue on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

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